Facebook will launch smart speaker products next week

Smart speakers are undoubtedly one of the hottest new categories this year. With the Echo series of products, Amazon dominates the smart speaker market by itself, and Google is also struggling to catch up with Apple, trying to take a share of the new market.

Most of the smart speakers have appeared in the form of Bluetooth speakers, but with the new product iteration, Amazon has launched a smart speaker product with a screen, such as Echo Show, which has been welcomed by consumers.

In addition to Amazon and Google, another Silicon Valley giant Facebook has been researching products similar to Echo Show, but after the privacy scandal of the previous months, it suspended the plan.

However, it seems that this product will be available soon. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Facebook's smart speaker products may be released next week.

The device code "Portal", it is reported that it will use facial recognition to detect who the user is, its main video call, and will be tightly bound to the Facebook chat application Messenger.

The device will come in two screen sizes and will cost $300 and $400, respectively.