ERhino intelligent logistics solution adopting barcode and RFID technology just in time delivers a high-performance device to relieve headaches had by the whole logistics industry.


With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, logistics industry has realized rapid expansion. According to data from CECRC (China Electronic Commerce Research Centre), the number of express parcels has exceeded 45 million every day. The heavy workload makes express delivery rather slow. Lack of real-time access to logistics information and low level of automation result in low working efficiency, high operational costs, delayed transportation and dispatch, and most seriously, customer dissatisfaction and complaints. These paper-based labor-intensive operations will be replaced with more intelligent technologies such as barcoding and RFID.

Erhino provides you with IoT-enabled handheld computers and telematics-based vehicle-mounted computers. The various options of wireless connectivity enable all kinds of mobile applications in the field; powerful battery ensures working continuity under intensive circumstances; high ruggedness makes it workable under harsh conditions; an integrated features like GPS and camera increase accuracy and reliability. Erhino products will help you see through your logistics process, improve operational efficiency, make optimal use of resources, and boost customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Management
Effective warehouse management is the key to avoid supply shortage or surplus. It mainly involves processes of receiving, inventory tracking, picking, putting away and warehouse inspection. Erhino Android-based handheld computers with unrivaled data capture capability have greatly enhanced productivity with less labor costs. Warehouse administers can have real-time visibility into all information uploaded to speed up turnaround times and optimize replenishment plans.

Distribution Center Management
Parcels are likely to experience several transits in multiple distribution centers. It’s never a good thing if parcels arrive at a distribution center without being handled instantly. With accurate logistics information of one shipment, distribution center operators will know the next stop of a pallet of products. Real-time data can also help enterprises keep their most important assets—commodities in complete control.

Fleet Management
Vehicle is one of the most important assets in logistics, thus, it’s critical for logistics enterprises to have a remote control over them on the go. With GPS functionality, administrators can accurately track driving route and obtain real-time vehicle location; OBD data tells vehicle health and drivers' driving behaviors; 4G connectivity sends all these captured data to the backend server. Erhino telematics vehicle-mounted computer  dynamically monitors drivers, vehicles and cargo.

Delivery is the final step to enhance customer satisfaction. Customers will feel secured if they have real-time access to their orders' status. From the side of delivery men, they can have customers confirm pickup by signing their names on Erhino handheld devices. Electronic records of delivery To administrators, they will know clearly every step of every delivery from warehouse floor to customer door.

Erhino Handhelds in Logistics

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Increase Logistics Intelligence and Maximize Flexible Mobility

Chainway handheld computer gives you added visibility and increased flexibility in real time access to essential data, and allows you to match, track, and trace the order from receiving, putting away, picking, packing, shipping, all the way to customer’s hand.